Nail & Manicure Treatments


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Papilio Beauty Salon offer a wide range of nail and manicure beauty treatments.

We use our hands for every daily use! We need to protect and take care of our hands! Give them a treat!

Papilio Beauty Salon’s luxurious Thai Products are gorgeous and will leave your skin hydrated and looking radiant.

Papilio Beauty Salon’s manicure will leave your nails looking fashionable and elegant to suit any occasion.

Manicure treatments improve the look and feel of your hands and fingernails. They also clean, strengthen and shape.


Benefits of a Manicure

  • improves the health and texture of your hands and fingernails
  • helps to prevent nail disorders
  • helps to keep your hands and nails looking beautiful
  • helps in treating sore or broken skin if present around the nail
  • helps to prevent nail damage like fragile tips, cuts or split’s
  • Massage that often accompanies manicure helps in improving the health of the skin by increasing blood circulation
  • improves the health of the skin and discourages wrinkling on the hands


Contact us at Papilio Beauty Salon in Gateshead, to discuss our operate range of nail and manicure treatments, to find the beauty treatment that’s right for you.




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Nail Art Tyne & Wear

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