False Eye Lashes


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False Eye Lash Application

False eye lashes are a temporary solution for those who want longer, thicker eye lashes. It is recommended to have an eyelash tint beforehand to further enhance the look of your false eye lashes.

Papilio Beauty salon offer a number of professional eyelash treatments listed below, using our home and mobile beauty service.


Strip Eye Lashes                                                                                                                                 £10.00

Strip Eye Lashes comprise several single strands, which are joined together on a strip which forms the base. The strip is applied with glue onto the skin of the eye-lid, as close to the natural eye lash line as possible. The strip eye lash gives a dramatic effect and lasts for 24hours. Great for occasion wear!

This application is water based and, therefore, you are able to remove them on your own by gently supporting the skin and peeling the band of the false eye lash away from the eyelid. Start at the outer corner of the eye and wipe over the eye with damp cotton wool.

Benefits of Strip Eyelashes

  • They are glued to the skin rather than the actual eye lashes, so are easily removed
  • Great for special occasions or a night out
  • There is no need to wear mascara (although it can be applied)
  • They give a dramatic effect to the eyes
  • They make the eye appear bigger and lifted
  • They can be used over and over again

Individual cluster eye lashes                                                                                                           £15.00

Cluster eye lashes are made up of several single strands which are joined together at one end to form a cluster. Several of the clusters are glued closely together with eyelash adhesive into the natural eyelash along the eye line. They last longer than strip eye lashes, as this application is waterproof based. They are glued to the actual natural eyelash and they give a more natural look. They are also great for bridal wear! Cluster eye lashes need to be removed by a professional, using a solution that dissolves the adhesive.

Do Not attempt to remove cluster eye lashes by pulling them, as your natural lashes will be pulled out at the same time. Cluster eye lashes can last for up to 2weeks, depending on how well you look after them, as well as the shedding cycle of your natural eye lashes. Cluster eye lashes will gradually fall out as the natural eye lashes go through their shedding cycle.

Benefits of Individual Cluster Eyelashes

  • They can last several weeks
  • There is no need to wear mascara (although it can be applied)
  • Eyelashes appear longer and thicker, good for people with short or sparse eye lashes
  • They make the eye appear bigger and lifted
  • Ideal for client’s who want an enhanced but more natural look
  • Great for bridal wear

Advice and aftercare

  • If applying mascara, do so very gently
  • Touch the lashes as little as possible
  • Use non-oily eye makeup remover
  • Cluster lashes may need attention after 1 week, as some of the natural lashes will have shed due to natural hair growth cycle

Please Note: These are not to be confused with semi permanent eyelash extensions which are a single false eye lash applied to a single lash of your natural eye lashes.

Removal of cluster eyelashes per lash                                                                                          £1.00